landscapers doing fall cleanup

What is Fall Cleanup? Should I do it?

What is Fall Cleanup?

If you live in Massachusetts you know that those beautiful trees changing colors means: Fall has officially arrived. And for those living in the area for so long, it means crisp air, pumpkin flavors and decorations everywhere, sightseeing the mountains and outdoors to take the most beautiful pictures from the trees, and for the homeowners, the essential evil of hours cleaning up the leaves that fall on our yards. Yep, those beautiful and colorful leaves at the trees eventually will make their way to the ground. And if you are one of those DIY, it means hours of work to clean them up, and dispose of the leaves.

Should I clean-up those leaves?

Leaving the leaves creates several troubles on your garden.

  • Leaves on the lawn is the perfect place for insects and animals to hide over the winter.
  • Leaves on the lawn suffocate the garden by depriving the turf of important oxygen.
  • Leaves on the garden deprive grass plants of needed sunlight. This can cause brown patches and/or dead patches in the lawn.
  • Leaves on the lawn entice moisture within the turf that can create fungus problems.

Putting in the money to hire a professional landscaper like ED&M Construction and Landscape will ensure a proper fall clean-up will not only repay come spring with a lovely and healthy yard, but also will save you tons of hours. Why should you waste your free weekends doing elbow work raking up leaves, twigs, branches, and debris, bagging and disposing them?

Considering Fall cleanup? ED&M provides professional Residential and Commercial Lawn care Maintenance services in all over the North Shore of Massachusetts. Contact us! or call for assistance.